Feluda Pherot Streaming Date, Cast, Song Lyrics & Review (2020) | The Bong Magazine

Feluda Pherot Streaming Date, Cast, Song Lyrics & Review (2020) | The Bong Magazine

2020 is full of surprises. And ever since director Srijit Mukherji announced his digital debut with Feluda Pherot. Therefore, fans are going crazy to know the actual Feluda Pherot streaming date

In this article, we will cover all the details about the New upcoming web series in Bengali(2020) Feluda Pherot. 


We will talk about the

New Upcoming Web Series Feluda Pherot(2020)

New Bengali Web Series Feluda Pherot (2020)


Feluda is one of the most iconic characters of Satyajit Ray’s stories. And in addition, Srijit Mukherji is going to debut in the Digital Industry with the new Feluda Pherot webseries based on Feluda golpo.

This webseries will feature two particular stories. However, the stories are:  


Novel/StoryJoto Kando Kathmandute
English TitleThe Criminals of Kathmandu
Publication DetailsSharadiya Desh, 1980
Plot OutlineFeluda goes to Nepal to catch a murderer and discovers the case to be far more complicating than it seems. While investigating, Jatayu gets drugged and Feluda meets an old enemy.
CharactersFeluda, Topshe, Jatayu

Feluda Pherot Story- Joto Kando Kathmandute Drawing(2020)

Original Drawing of Satyajit Roy from Joto Kando Kathmandute


Novel/StoryChhinnamastar Abhishap
English TitleThe Curse of the Goddess
Publication DetailsSharadiya Desh, 1978
Plot OutlineFeluda and team visits Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, and gets invited by a puzzle-loving retired advocate at his birthday party. The advocate dies in an incident but not before giving cryptic clues to Feluda.
CharactersFeluda, Topshe, Jatayu

Feluda Pherot Story - Chhinnomastar Abhisap Satyajit Ray Drawing(2020)

Original Drawing of Satyajit Ray from Chhinnamastar Abhisap


Streaming PlatformAddaTimes

Video streaming service Addatimes launched on June 15, 2016. Recently Addatimes, Bengali OTT Entertainment platform, and web channel with original web series and music launched in Bangladesh also.

Feluda Pherot Streaming Platform(2020)
Feluda Pherot Streaming Platform

In 2017 this video streaming platform streamed Addatimes Feluda starring Parambrata Chattopadhyay as ‘feluda’ and Riddhi Sen as ‘Topshe’. In addition, “Feluda Pherot” will be the new feluda original webseries by AddaTimes. 

Addatimes is also very popular for it’s original Bengali webseries. You can watch our post on Best Bengali webseries to watch in 2020.

But the Addatimes app is not a free video streaming service. However, you need to pay Addatimes subscription fee to consume good quality content.

AddaTimes Subscription Fee 

Addatimes come with a 12+1 month deal for there audience. It is not so costly compared to other video streaming services. 

Feluda Pherot Streaming Platform Subscription (2020)

AddaTimes Subscription Fee

PRO TIP: Above all, you can search for some Addatimes Promo Code on Google. So that you can get a 50% or 60% off in the subscription fee. 


Actor Name
Tota Roy Chowdhuri
Kalpan Mitra
Anirban Chakrabarti
Maganlal Meghraj
Kharaj Mukherjee

Tota Roy Chowdhury stars as the iconic character Feluda in Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming web series Feluda Pherot

Srijit shared a first glimpse of the crime-solving trio on Twitter. In addition, he revealed the Feluda Pherot cast. Tota Roy Chowdhury as Feluda, Kalpan Mitra as Topesh. And Anirban Chakraborty as Lalmohan Ganguly or Jatayu.

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2020 and They will be back! @addatimes @totaroychoudhury #FeludaPherot #ChinnomawstarObhishaap #JawtoKandoKathmandute

A post shared by Srijit Mukherji (@srijitmukherji) on

Tota Roy Chowdhury as Feluda

Tota Roy Chowdhury will play the iconic character Feluda in the upcoming Bengali webseries Feluda Pherot. He is a versatile actor from Bengal and a Martial Artist based in Kolkata. 

Cast- Tota Roy Chowdhury

Tota Roy Chowdhury


He made his debut with Bengali film Laathi(1996) which was a National Award-winning film. His breakthrough role came with Rituparno Ghosh’s National Award-winning Bengali film Chokher Bali (2003). 
After that, he made his Bollywood debut in 2016 with the film ‘Kahaani 2’ directed by Sujoy Gosh. 
As a Feluda fan, I was concerned that who will be the new Feluda. However, when the pictures released of the first look of ‘Feluda Pherot’, Tota Roy Chowdhury was looking fresh handsome, and super smart in the character.  

Cast - Tota Roy Chowdhury as Feluda (2020)

Tota Roy Chowdhuri as Feluda

In an interview, Tota revealed how he has chosen as Srijit’s Feluda- 

“Srijit called me up and said he had four names in mind for Feluda. Of the four, he would choose one on several parameters, one of them being an audience poll. Some of the other parameters were his perception of the character and the dates of the actors. He also mentioned that the actor chosen would need to get into an extensive workshop for a month and a half. He wanted to know my schedule; I was also supposed to go for a look test. However, two days before the audition, he dropped the idea of a look test and confirmed me for the role,” 

Adda with Feluda

Anirban Chakrabarti as Jatayu

Lalmohan Ganguly or Jatayu is one of the main characters of Satyajit Ray’s Feluda golpo. 
In the first two movies on Feluda, the character of Jatayu was played by eminent actor cum advocate late Santosh Dutta, and due to his performance, Satyajit Ray’s later stories on Feluda had Jatayu adapting himself to the looks and mannerisms of Santosh Dutta.
Bombaiyer Bombete, Kailashey Kelenkari & Tintorettor Jishu saw Jatayu being played by late Bibhu Bhattacharya. Late Rabi Ghosh played the role in the telefilm Baksho Rohoshyo.
Santosh Dutta as Jatayu
Santosh Dutta as Jatayu 
Anirban Chakrabarti is an actor, known for the Hoichoi original webseries Eken Babu(2018). Eken Babu was the breakthrough in his acting career.
Cast - Anirban Chakrabarti as Eken Babu(2020)
A Hoichoi original series Eken Babu
As a feluda fan, I was concerned about the fact. Who will be the new fresh Lalmohan Ganguly of Feluda series? However, after seeing the recent pictures, fans are very happy. Therefore, we are assuming that Anirban will rock in this character. 
Cast- Anirban Chakrabarti as Jatayu(2020)
Anirban Chakrabarti as Jatayu 
In an interview, Anirban told about the casting of Jatayu –
I was supposed to work with Srijit Mukherji for a film that has now been postponed. But, when the Feluda series was planned, he called and informed me that he has already selected me for the character of Jatayu. That’s how I came to know about the casting. Soon after that, I had a look test with the team and we were ready to shoot.

Adda with Jatayu

Kalpan Mitra as Topshe

Feluda is often accompanied by his cousin. Tapesh Ranjan Mitter(affectionately called Topshe by Feluda). Officially the assistant of Felu Babu. Topshe is the narrator of Satyajit Ray’s Feluda golpo

Topshe has been played by Siddartha ChatterjeeSaswata ChatterjeeParambrata Chattopadhyay, and Saheb Bhattacharjee over the years. Sandip Ray made film Badshahi Angti in 2014. Actor Sourav Das played the role of Topshe.
Talking about the new Topshe, Kalpan Mitra is a newcomer in this industry, who is known for Chippa(2019) and Cat Sticks(2019).  
Cast - Kalpan Mitra as Topshe(2020)
Kalpan Mitra as Topshe
I hope Kalpan will do his best work to make this new fresh handsome Topshe of Feluda Pherot web series a superhit.

Adda with Topshe

Kharaj Mukherjee as Maganlal Meghraj

The last most important and interesting character is Maganlal Meghraj. In other words, Maganlal is touted to be the most famous villain in Bengali cinema from Satyajit Ray’s feluda golpo.

This character was portrayed by legendary Utpal Dutta in ‘Joy Baba Felunath’Villains like Maganlal are too clever and cunning like a fox.  

Now talented veteran actor Kharaj Mukherjee will soon be seen as Maganlal Meghraj in Feluda Pherot Bengali web series.

Cast - Kharaj Mukherjee as Maganlal Meghraj(2020)

Kharaj Mukherjee as Maganlal

However, in a recent interview, Srijit told that – 

As for matching up to Utpal Dutta as Maganlal, well he is a class act, a maestro. However, that’s the fun of reinterpretation and doing something afresh. You can build on the legacy and learn from it and give the new generation the taste of our very own Feluda.

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Feluda Pherot Trailer

To date, there is no official Feluda Pherot trailer. However, Srijit Mukherji and AddaTimes launched first look for the Bengali web series Feluda Pherot

From Srijit Mukherji : 

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Announcing my first web series and my long standing dream from the Mecca of Indian Cinema – Bishop Lefroy Road. #PheludaPherot

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From AddaTimes

Feluda Pherot (Title Song)[From “Feluda Pherot”]

Feluda Pherot song is sung by Rupankar Bagchi, Anupam Roy & Rupam Islam. Music composed by Joy Sarkar. Additionally, Lyrics are written by Srijato Bandyopadhyay.

Feluda Pherot (Title Song) Lyrics in Bengali

For full Bengali Feluda Pherot song lyrics


Feluda Pherot Streaming Date

2nd May 2020 was the actual Feluda Pherot Streaming Date. It was the 100th birth anniversary of Satyajit Ray.
But unfortunately, only the Feluda Pherot title song released on that day. Feluda Pherot song sung by Rupankar Bagchi, Anupam Roy & Rupam Islam. Music composed by Joy Sarkar. Lyrics are written by Srijato Bandyopadhyay.
Feluda Pherot Streaming Date (2020)
A shooting scene from Feluda Pherot
Because of the ongoing Corona Virus effect lockdown in India, some post-production work and background music are unfinished. Therefore, Srijit revealed that he will post the Feluad Pherot streaming date very soon on his social media handles after the Coronavirus lockdown

Feluda Pherot Review

After releasing of Bengali web series Feluda Pherot we will review this web series on The Bong Magazine. Till then stay with us.

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